AcademKids RC "Western Port"

Soon opening a new kindergarten in the heart of Moscow, which is located at: Filevsky Park, Zarechnaya str., vl. 2/1. This garden is founded for comfortable and safe child development, decent upbringing, high-quality education. The new kindergarten will offer for parents opportunity to choose a unique preschool education for their children, which is based on the best achievements of international and Russian education. Kindergarten's mission has been focused on nurture inquisitive, healthy, independent, open world citizens.

The objectives of our programs are the socialization of children, teaching English and high-quality preparation for school. Pre-school education will be based on the International Baccalaureate Program for primary education Primary Years Program (PYP) and integrated with the basic general education program of kindergartens "Academkids", developed in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard.

The International Bachelor (IB) program for the initial years of PYP, implemented in English, helps teaching children skills they need to succeed in cognition and personal growth. PYP is a conceptual curriculum involving multi-disciplinary issues and integrating thematic areas to support research and learning in relevant contexts. The subject areas consist of 6 blocks: English; art; natural sciences; mathematics; social studies; physical education. Research activity is the framework of PYP program. It means that teacher follows the natural curiosity of children and builds the technology of educational activities like examine the question-and-answer process. Later in the day children will learn in accordance with the standards of preschool education of the general development program in Russian.

For half a day children will stay in bilingual groups, where foreign speech will accompany them and replace the Russian language in all the regime moments, play activities, and PYP classes, immersing them in a new language environment. Professionals will work with children: teachers of native speakers, teachers of preschool pedagogy with knowledge of English, teachers-specialists and teachers of additional education. Graduates of the kindergarten will have the opportunity to pass the Cambridge English exam and receive a certificate which points to a high potential of its owner. Passing the exam is a great opportunity to test your knowledge of the language in accordance with international standards.
Spacious new building with a modern layout
Own guarded area with a sports field
Daily play activities in English allow children to speak English quickly
It is possible to pay with maternity capital


In the garden there are 3 groups with cozy bedrooms, spacious playrooms, toilets, washrooms and dressing rooms, separate pantries in each group. The number of children in a group is 15 people. The area of each group is from 100 m 2 , which creates additional comfort for children.

2-3 years

A new round in development: children learn to speak, think, express their desires. That is why the child needs a team and developmental activities, including classes with a speech therapist.

3-5 years

Figurative thinking develops. The child learns to express his emotions, which sometimes go off scale. Children need communication, love to play, quickly learn new things. Therefore, diverse activities are extremely useful for the development of a forming personality.

6-7 years

5-7 years - the peak of the development of creativity of children. Systematic developmental classes improve mental processes: memory, thinking, perception, imagination, and the world opens up for a preschooler in a new way. The desire and opportunities to discover new knowledge allow you to prepare well for school, both psychologically and in the cognitive sphere.
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Developmental activities

All lessons are included in the Full Day package.
Each lesson - 2 times a week
English lessons
Game learning English begins at the age of two with a series Baby Beetles - Claire Selby's author's course for teaching children English language from birth. The Baby Beetles series is 40 funny songs with fascinating animation. Each of them contains everyday English phrases with multiple keywords. All words are carefully chosen corresponding to the level of speech development of children under 3 years old.
Speech therapy classes
Group lessons with a speech therapist are aimed at developing children grammatically correct, lexically rich and phonetically clear speech. Speech therapy game exercises form (correct) sound culture of speech, prepare preschoolers for literacy training. Lessons help the child get rid of problems with diction and achieve the correct pronunciation. As a result, it is easier for the child to communicate, play with friends, the child feels more confident in any situation.
General education program
Preschool education is carried out according to the International Baccalaureate Program for the initial stage of education Primary Years Program (PYP), integrated with the main general educational program of kindergartens "Academkids", developed in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard.
Easy construction
Promotes the development of motor skills, fine motor skills, structural and logical thinking in children. Classes are a way of exploring and orienting a child in the real world, they combine elements of play and experimentation.
Art. Aesthetic education
Artistic and aesthetic development of kids is carried out not only through music, choreography, drawing, modeling, application, construction. With inspiration and interest, children participate in sand therapy, fairy tale therapy, theatrical activities, in creative projects in cooperation with teachers. All this forms the child's interest in the aesthetic side of the surrounding reality, satisfies the need for self-expression through productive activity.
Choreography and rhythm
Children learn to feel the music, perform new movements for them, developing dance skills. Correct posture and beautiful gait are formed. Classes contribute to physical improvement, help the child to express himself through movement. Active play activities are always perceived with joy by children, and at the same time they are an important element of all-round development.
Musical lessons
In the kindergarten "Academkids" children have the opportunity to learn to play the piano, vocal and solo singing. Musical lessons contribute to emotional development, fostering a sense of beauty, help to reveal the natural musical and artistic abilities in children. Singing not only develops an ear for music, gives pleasure and joy, but also helps children get rid of psychological clamps.
Physical Education
Physical education is the key to healthy growth of a child and healthy habits at an older age. Physical activity has a positive effect on the emotional background, helps to throw out excess energy and direct it on the right track - for development. Posture, coordination of movements are formed, muscles are developed and strengthened. Classes have a complex health-improving effect.
Sand therapy
Playing with sand is not only very exciting for a child, but also very useful. The imagination, hand motility develops, the game has a calming, therapeutic effect. Children like to create, this is a creative process and a unique way to express themselves, their fears or desires, to reflect a piece of their vision of the world in elementary sand constructions. The created figures, drawings in the sand help adults to better understand the child, to identify the child's possible anxieties.


Full day 70 000 rub / month
Mon-Fri 8 00 -20 00 (from 7:30 to 8:00 - duty group)
Included in the price
  • Five meals a day
  • Advanced Educational Program
  • Possibility to visit the duty group from 7:30 to 8:00 on request
  • English from 2 years old
  • Two walks (5-6 types of children's play activities)
  • Medical and psychological support
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Part-time (before bedtime) 55 000rub / month
Mon-Fri 8 00 -12 30 (from 7:30 to 8:00 - duty group)
Included in the price
  • Three meals a day
  • Attending morning classes
  • Possibility to visit the duty group from 7:30 to 8:00 on request
  • English from 2 years old
  • Walk (5-6 types of children's play activities)
  • Medical and psychological support
  • At the time of adaptation (up to 1 month)
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Part-time (after sleep) 19 000rub / month
Mon-Fri 1530-2000
Included in the price
  • Two meals a day
  • Attendance at classes in the afternoon
  • English from 2 years old
  • Walk (5-6 types of children's play activities)
  • Medical and psychological support
  • At the time of adaptation (up to 1 month)
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Full day up to 3 days 3 300rub / month
Mon-Fri 8 00 -20 00 (from 7:30 to 8:00 - duty group)
Included in the price
  • Five meals a day
  • Integrated developmental activities in the group according to the age of the child
  • Creative play
  • Sleep
  • English from 2 years old
  • Two walks (5-6 type of children's play activity)
  • Medical and psychological support
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For residents of the residential complex "Western Port" special conditions
Details by phone 8 800 35-06-929 +7 (977) 276-40-06

Entrance fee: 70 thousand roubles.

Special offer!

10% discount for second child
15% discount for third child

Additional services
for our clients

Possibility of payment by maternity capital

Service Evening hour

1 200 rubles

By prior request of legal representatives, supervision and care is extended from 20:00 to 21:00

The service includes:

  • - Developing and creative play activities in accordance with age
  • - Second Dinner

Service Night stay

2 500 rubles

Уservant in the kindergarten "Academkids" is carried out by prior request of legal representatives. The service is valid from 20.00 to 08.00

The service includes:

  • - Developing and creative play activities in accordance with age
  • - Second Dinner
  • - Hygiene procedures before bed
  • - Evening fairy tale
  • - A child's sleep in the presence of a caregiver

Why do parents choose us?


  • Security system
  • Video intercom
  • Panic button
  • Magnetic locks
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire alarm
  • Video surveillance system
  • Germicidal recirculators
  • Desar

The room is equipped in full compliance with the requirements of SaNPiN, as well as taking into account the peculiarities of the perception of the surrounding space by preschool children. All security and fire safety standards for preschool institutions have been fulfilled.

Online quality control

An independent methodological department controls the quality

New kindergarten building

The new building of the kindergarten is located between the Otradnoye and Bibirevo metro stations. It is convenient to get to us from the Altufyesky area. Groups in our kindergarten are from 100 square meters, which creates additional comfort for children.

Developed territory

Our kindergarten-nursery is located in the North-Eastern District of Moscow and is open for you and your children aged 1.5 to 7 years from 07.00 to 20.00. The kindergarten has modern playgrounds with verandas, sports and play equipment according to the number of groups, and a separate sports ground.

Proper nutrition

  • Menu tailored to the age of the child
  • 5 meals a day cooked in combi ovens
  • Complete production cycle of food preparation. Lack of semi-finished products, sausages and confectionery products, pork
  • Only natural fresh products, lots of fruits, baked goods of our own production

The chef of our kindergarten in Moscow is a specialist in his field with many years of experience, knows how to please little fidgets. We use only natural products in our cooking. No semi-finished products! Food is prepared just before consumption. The menu fully complies with the SanPin requirements.

In-depth educational program that ensures the all-round development of children

The PLOP of the preschool educational institution was developed on the basis of the Basic educational program of the preschool educational program under the heading of the Federal State Educational Standard "Kindergarten 2100" and supplemented with the best partial programs of national education.

Systematic work of a psychologist and speech therapist

Group lessons conducted by a speech therapist in each group during the week ("Logorhythm" in early development groups, "Logorhythmic exercises" in other groups, "Speech development" in all groups, "Rhetoric" in preparatory groups), develop grammatical structure speech, phonemic hearing, timely form the correct sound pronunciation.

"Developmental classes" conducted by a psychologist in each group are aimed at the high-quality assimilation of educational information by children, as they develop such mental processes as memory, attention, thinking, perception, and the "Knowing Myself" course teaches children to build communication with peers and with adults, it helps to realize oneself as a part of society. "Fairytale therapy and sand therapy", if necessary, will unobtrusively adjust the child's behavior, expand his understanding of the world of human relations.

A wide range of additional educational services

Additional activities are an additional opportunity for the comprehensive development of children, intellectual, physical, emotional. Very convenient for parents who want to record their child in dance, sports or other studios. The most popular directions are in our Academkids garden. We tried to take into account all the interests and wishes of our clients:

  • Mom and Baby
  • Ballet workshop of Yegor Simachev
  • Football club "Champion"
  • Tennis
  • Chess school number 1
  • Sports and ballroom dancing
  • Preparing for school
  • Mental arithmetic
  • Painting Studio
  • Sambo
  • Break Dance
  • Rhythmic gymnastics
  • Children's acting studio "Kinotown"
  • HIP-HOP "Contemporary Dances"
  • Piano
  • Vocal Singing
  • Individual lessons with a speech therapist
  • Individual lessons with a psychologist
  • English
  • French
  • Basketball

Qualified educators and educators

  • Professional educators
We train and certify teachers

Our team

Kristina Viktorovna  Gutina
Kristina Viktorovna Gutina Director of ANO "Angels"
Lyudmila Mikhailovna
Lyudmila Mikhailovna Vasyuk Preschool Director
Natalia Vyacheslavovna
Natalia Vyacheslavovna Lyalina Head of branch
Anna Yur'evna
Anna Yur'evna Andreeva Orthophoniste
Anastasia Yurievna
Anastasia Yurievna Lazareva Teacher-psychologist
Maria Sergeevna
Maria Sergeevna Eremko Educator
Margarita Vladimirovna
Margarita Vladimirovna Lebedeva Teacher of the group with English
Svetlana Faritovna
Svetlana Faritovna Safarova Medical nurse
Nonna Rubenovna
Nonna Rubenovna Akopyan Assistant Teacher
Elena Arkadyevna
Elena Arkadyevna Groznova Assistant Teacher
Moscow, Filevsky Park, st. Zarechnaya, ow. 2/1

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